Devlog 26/08/20

It's coming up to two weeks now since the last updated version of Krasten here, so I'm just writing up a quick devlog entry to let you guys know what's going on, and when to expect another update.

Development on Krasten is coming along nicely, but the last couple weeks of work have been largely behind-the-scenes stuff -- refactoring some code, updating the database engine, and replacing some item sprites. Nothing terribly exciting from a player's point of view, so I didn't see much sense in posting a new relase yet, when there's very little that'll appear different to the player.

There's a number of more interesting things in development (still unfinished), including the scripted intro tutorial sequence, more quest content, and a lot more. Hopefully I'll have a new public build ready with additional content soon. :)

Edit: Okay, I've uploaded the latest build regardless, but there isn't too much new or exciting here yet. :)

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